Creating Value at the Heart of Your Supply Chain

You need more than a 3PL provider that values your business. You want a 3PL partner that creates value for your business.

Landair is a privately owned, asset-based transportation and logistics company staffed by experienced professionals who are driven by insight, moved by passion and guided by integrity.

We specialize in designing and implementing effective strategies at the heart of your U.S. supply chain, where consistently superior performance and continuous improvement are critical to your organization. Our contract logistics and truckload transportation services include:

Where the Right 3PL Relationship Can Really Matter

To every customer relationship Landair brings a team of experienced problem-solvers, a network of owned and allied freight transportation assets, and a commitment to service beyond performance. Unlike 3PLs that expect you to fit their service model, we mold and manage your logistics strategy to the unique requirements and possibilities presented by your supply chain.

3PL LandairLandair can incorporate advanced logistics management and communications technologies into the services we provide, or we can integrate with your legacy information systems, whichever best serves you and your operations.

Because we’re privately held and entrepreneurial in our approach, Landair is able to respond to logistics challenges in ways many larger 3PLs and transportation providers can’t or won’t. As a financially stable and broadly capable logistics provider, we’re equipped to partner with you and your organization in ways smaller 3PLs and carriers are unable to match.

We constantly look beyond day-to-day operations and performance for ways to create efficiency and add value, bringing continuous improvement to your supply chain by applying the process discipline of Six Sigma and Kaizen. In fact, Landair looks for every opportunity to build Guaranteed Value Acceleration into the strategies we design and manage for your business.

Landair: A Different Kind of 3PL

When supply chain managers tell us we don’t act or sound like a typical 3PL, we take it as a compliment. At Landair we believe that while managing your supply chain can be difficult, your 3PL relationship doesn’t have to be.

Instead, what you’ll find that sets Landair apart is the way we align and collaborate with you through an approach to providing strategies and services that lends new meaning to the three “Ps” in 3PL:

  • Partnership: We roll up our sleeves when given the opportunity to tackle your supply chain challenges. We look for ways to add value and reduce costs. We solve problems you never knew existed. We communicate consistently.
  • Performance: We make your supply chain work harder and smarter. We perform at the highest industry standards. Then we strive to deliver service beyond performance.
  • Passion: We love what we do and we do it well. We bring a spirit of ingenuity to everything we do. And we’re always thinking on your behalf.


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