Corporate Social Responsibility: Our Purpose

At Landair we aspire to do business the right way. To serve customers with integrity. To treat employees with dignity. And to manage our operations — and those we manage directly for customers — with the goal of environmental sustainability. About Landair, corporate social responsibility

To us, being a responsible corporate citizen demands each of those things, and then something more. So we’re focused on making our people and operations the safest in the transportation and logistics industry. We’re also pleased to be a company with an employee culture that gives back to the communities where we live and work.

Safety and Sustainability: Our Pursuit

Landair is intent on making the world a safer place to live and work. That’s why our driver training programs and safety standards are among the industry’s most stringent. It’s also why we go to great lengths to proactively instill and monitor workplace safety in the distribution centers and specialty manufacturing operations we manage for customers.

Landair strives to be a responsible 3PL when it comes to sustainability. We’ve adopted sound environmental policies and work diligently with suppliers and partners to promote effective environmental management.

Since 2008 we’ve been a certified SmartWay® transportation partner. We combine the latest vehicle technologies, advanced software and extensive driver training to optimize, monitor, and control fuel consumption and engine efficiency. We work to reduce carbon emissions by:

  • Applying advanced transportation software tools to drive route optimization, fuel conservation and engine efficiency.
  • Specifying, purchasing and operating a modern, fuel-efficient, aerodynamically advanced truck fleet, while also upgrading our forklift fleet to the newest, toughest emissions standards.
  • Training and monitoring our drivers to reduce the time their trucks spend idling, while also using cab heaters and idle-control technologies to ensure we meet government “smart idle” standards.
  • Optimizing the speed governors on our trucks for greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Recycling all waste oil and tires.
  • Employing electronic logs instead of paper to record driver activities.

Community Outreach and Philanthropy: Our Passion

It’s a consistent thread through Landair’s history and culture that employees are active in community organizations and volunteer projects. These outreach activities allow them to choose causes they value while providing several options for giving back. Among the organizations we support, both through volunteer efforts and financial contributions, is the United Way of Greene County, Tennessee.

Landair founder Scott M. Niswonger believes a successful company should give back to the communities where we operate, and where our employees live and raise their families. That’s why in 2001 he established the Niswonger Foundation, a non-profit focused on promoting educational innovation and student achievement.

Supported by Landair’s success, Niswonger and the Niswonger Foundation have become a respected voice for education reform in Tennessee while also nurturing the next generation of leaders. The foundation shares a percentage of its operating funds as grants to non-profit agencies that provide services and programs that complement the foundation’s vision for corporate social responsibility.


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