Transportation Carrier Network Opportunities with Landair

Where a Freight Carrier Can Go to Grow

If you’re a freight carrier with high standards for drivers, equipment, safety and on-time performance, contact Landair today.

As a freight carrier, you know how important the right relationships are to growing your business consistently and profitably. To contract with shippers that consistently tender profitable loads. To connect with 3PLs that value the contribution you make to helping them serve and satisfy customers.

Landair is an asset-based 3PL. We know where you’re coming from. We’ve developed a nationwide network of carriers based on the idea that both of us win if we hold ourselves to high standards and demonstrate mutual respect.

If you’re eager to grow based on a respectful, win-win relationship with a 3PL, get to know the possibilities of working with Landair.

Build Your Business Working With Landair

As a growing 3PL, offering both contract and transactional freight transportation to customers across the United States, Landair is poised to provide load volumes and lane commitments you might otherwise not be aware of or have access to.

We use advanced transportation management technologies to optimize freight shipments, providing the best modes and services to our customers — and the best freight to our carriers.

Because we offer a variety of services — truckload, LTL, intermodal, small package — we’re in position every day to manage freight that fits your business, whether you’re running one truck or more than 1,000.

Sharing a Commitment to Excellence

Not every carrier is a fit for Landair’s network. We start and cultivate relationships in a spirit of partnership, and look to evolve and elevate relationships to the point that a carrier is included in our core-carrier program, based on performance.

Because Landair’s beginnings were in time-sensitive dedicated transportation, we cut our teeth on demanding customers and deadlines. That means we expect high standards of ourselves and our carrier partners, including:

  • Companywide focus on safety
  • Track record for on-time performance
  • High ratio of claims-free deliveries
  • Experienced drivers with clean records and demonstrated commitment to professionalism and customer service
  • Real-time in-transit visibility
  • Clean, modern, reliable equipment

To align yourself with a 3PL that’s committed to service beyond performance, contact Landair today.

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