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Greater Visibility Drives Improved Customer Service, Efficiency at Interstate Resources – Newsletter 3rd Quarter

Executive Summary Interstate Resources achieved significant efficiencies in its paper packaging supply chain by getting closer to its customers and by adopting a robust TMS system.  The company produces 350,000 tons of kraft linerboard and 180,000 tons of recycled corrugated medium per year at its two container board mills.  It also manufacturers corrugated sheets and… Read More

ELDs – Are You Prepared? – Landair Q4 Newsletter

2017, A Year of Change – Are You Prepared? As companies finalize plans for 2017, pending changes in the transportation industry have the potential to make a significant impact on the logistics landscape.  Chief among these is the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate that is scheduled to take effect in December of 2017. According to… Read More

Case Study | Pet Supply Industry

Pet Supply Industry The manufacturing sphere is marked by constant change.  Fluctuations in transportation and warehousing needs are a chief source of uncertainty for shippers who would much rather concentrate on production.  When the pet care products wing of a global manufacturer with over $33 billion in sales began to look for a third-party logistics… Read More

Article | Why Shippers Can’t Afford NOT to Convert Their Private Fleets

Private fleet operations might initially seem like a good freight management solution for companies concerned about cost, capacity and control. However, for many — particularly mid-sized companies — that simply isn’t the case. This article from the respected industry publication “Logistics Quarterly” entitled “Why Shippers Can’t Afford Not to Convert Their Private Fleets” is a must-read… Read More

White Paper | The Diesel Technician Labor Shortage

Crucial Labor Shortage Threatens Trucking Fleets By John Tweed, President and CEO of Landair There have been many articles written about the shortage of professional truck drivers – which is hitting private fleets especially hard. However, there is another labor shortage that is here now and will have to be addressed for the next fifteen… Read More

Case Study | Going the Extra Mile to Add Value

Hartsville, South Carolina–based Sonoco is a Fortune 1000 global provider of consumer and protective packaging and the world’s largest manufacturer of composite cans, tubes and cores. Operating numerous manufacturing and distribution facilities, Sonoco runs a complex business with many moving parts. Efficient logistics are essential to keeping that machine running smoothly.… Read More

e-Book | 10 Supply Chain Value Secrets

Does your 3PL actively look for opportunities to improve your supply chain efficiency and effectiveness? Too often, cost savings and gainshare opportunities lie dormant because 3PLs don’t provide strategies for harnessing them. To avoid this, you need a 3PL who will manage your operations by creating strategies to add value. In this e-book, 10 Supply… Read More

Q&A | Launching Your Contract Fleet

Launching Your Contract Fleet The power of integrated planning. For your business and its customers, there’s a lot riding on smooth implementation of a dedicated contract carriage strategy. It’s true whether you’re transitioning from a private fleet, changing 3PL partners, or shifting from sole reliance on transactional freight carriers. Lynn Doster, Landair’s vice president of… Read More

QuickStudy | Postponement’s Possibilities

Postponement’s Possibilities How centralized delayed assembly drives value up and down a custom-order manufacturing supply chain. Does your company produce a relatively complex durable good? Materials-handling equipment? Recreational vehicles (e.g., boats, motorcycles)? Lawn and garden equipment? Appliances? If so, there’s a good chance you invite customers to add on features and upgrades to suit their… Read More

ViewPoint | Guaranteed Value Acceleration: Why, What, Where and How

In today’s business world there’s intense focus — and rightly so — on measuring value whenever an organization outsources supply chain operations to a 3PL. In some regards, claims by 3PLs that they provide “value” or “value add” have gone the way of claims by transportation companies regarding on-time delivery — where it seems everyone now claims to provide 100 percent on-time performance. … Read More


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