Private fleet operations might initially seem like a good freight management solution for companies concerned about cost, capacity and control. However, for many — particularly mid-sized companies — that simply isn’t the case. This article from the respected industry publication “Logistics Quarterly” entitled “Why Shippers Can’t Afford Not to Convert Their Private Fleets” is a must-read for any company that operates their own private fleet.

This article takes a look at six popular myths around the supposed benefits of maintaining private fleets.

MYTH #1: Running a private fleet makes more economic sense

MYTH #2: Private fleets mean better customer service and greater visibility

MYTH #3: The driver shortage hardly affects private fleets

MYTH #4: Common carriers offer nothing private fleets can’t do for themselves

MYTH #5: Running a private fleet has no negative impact on the rest of the business

MYTH #6: Private fleet conversion means local drivers will lose jobs

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