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The manufacturing sphere is marked by constant change.  Fluctuations in transportation and warehousing needs are a chief source of uncertainty for shippers who would much rather concentrate on production.  When the pet care products wing of a global manufacturer with over $33 billion in sales began to look for a third-party logistics partner, their core values were a major factor in the search.  Among those values is that the organization views its partners as family, instead of a disjointed network of service providers.  The ability to work closely day in and day out, to work through challenges together, and to respond with lightning speed are necessities in the manufacturing realm.


Landair’s passionate commitment to collaboration – as well as a focus on the openness, honesty, and flexibility necessary to make a highly-collaborative partnership work – have drawn praise from the teams at the Pet Product Manufacturer who work closely with them.  When the relationship with Landair began, Landair’s commitment to learning the organization’s processes inside and out helped to establish a mutual trust.  That familiarity with their daily operations has also helped Landair anticipate and identify challenges as soon as they appear.  The customer implementation manager noted that when the organization identifies areas that can be improved, Landair comes to the table with recommendations and solutions already in hand, ready to be implemented.  The regional distribution manager for the manufacturer adds simply, “Landair never says no.” A high value is placed on partners who understand that their involvement in every aspect of the process is crucial.  “Landair gets that,” says the implementation manager.



Landair has met, and exceeded, the high expectations that the pet product manufacturer places on its outside partners.  The implementation manager recalled a time before Landair began overseeing operation of the warehouse, the turn-around time for requests from the manufacturing facility was nearly four hours, with orders coming from 12 miles away. Under Landair’s management, the warehouse has been moved adjacent to the facility, and the turnaround time has been reduced to a maximum of 30 minutes, an 87.5% decrease in response time. Landair’s leadership has also consistently led to clear improvements in their bottom line.  The implementation manager estimates that at the beginning of their partnership with Landair, the cost savings were approximately $50,000. He estimates the current cost savings of the relationship with Landair to be approximately $150,000.



What began as a truckload relationship has evolved – through Landair’s constant process improvement efforts – into a broad logistics partnership involving shuttling, spotting, and warehouse management operations, making Landair their true integrated logistics solution. “As we looked for a 3PL servicer for the warehouse, Landair was able to stand out because they could offer us more than just warehousing,” the implementation manager recalls. The flexibility to rapidly respond to the organization’s evolving needs, a comprehensive familiarity with their processes, a tireless dedication to collaborative problem solving, and tangible improvements to the bottom line have made Landair an invaluable partner.  The benefit of the relationship with Landair is summed up by one of the Regional Distribution Managers, “Everything we’ve ever asked Landair to do they’ve done it, and done it well, in service of our customer base.”

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