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QuickStudy | Reducing the Cost of Dedicated Contract Carriage

If or when your organization contracts with a 3PL to manage your dedicated fleet, you’ll probably do it looking for greater predictability and control. Most supply chain managers outsource for dedicated contract carriage (DCC) based on at least one of the following anticipated benefits.… Read More

QuickStudy | Putting Tugs and Carts to Work In Your Warehouse

Next time you find yourself sitting on an airplane, waiting to push back from the gate or taxiing across the tarmac toward takeoff, take a minute to study those tugs pulling baggage carts as they worm their way to and from the airport terminal.… Read More

Q&A | Freight Carrier Safety: The Straight Scoop on CSA Scores

Three years into the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program, shippers routinely consider CSA scores when choosing a freight carrier. But what’s the real meaning behind the metrics? Are there other ways to assess a carrier’s safety record? Gary Funk, Landair’s senior vice president for truckload operations, recently sat down for a talk about safety from the shipper’s perspective.… Read More


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