Best-in-Class Technologies for Your Supply Chain

You have a vision for an intricately linked and synchronized supply chain. A network that continuously manages inputs and outputs for efficient, accurate flow of inventory, orders and information.

What brings form to all the moving parts is a logistics strategy molded to your business. And what helps bring that strategy to life are logistics technologies. A lot like the brain and the nervous system working together to make humans more responsive and intelligent.

Warehouse Management System: Key to Productivity

3PL Technologies From receiving to order processing, managing returns to reverse logistics, Landair engineers apply warehouse and process design experience to ensure that your storage systems, workstations and workflows are optimally aligned, setting the stage for high levels of performance and productivity.

With your physical environment synchronized, we implement an advanced warehouse management system (WMS) that is readily adaptable to the unique demands of your distribution. The right WMS, applied to a solid strategy and process, lets us manage your receiving, inventory tracking and order processing to high levels of accuracy and visibility.

The right WMS also gives our engineers and on-site managers the analytics they need to consistently uncover continuous improvement opportunities. With Lean Sigma discipline, they’ll manage warehouse operations for productivity, accuracy, inventory savings and efficient space utilization. The result for you is a distribution network that functions better and costs less to operate.

Transportation Management System: Key to Efficiency

You don’t just want freight transportation managed. You want it managed more efficiently. That’s why Landair has adopted a transportation management system (TMS) that is among the industry’s most advanced. We leverage its flexible capabilities for everything from carrier bidding and load tendering to helping spot patterns that can lead to backhaul revenue opportunities.

Bringing the right TMS to your transportation helps us continuously improve efficiency, ratcheting down costs, driving up performance, saving fuel and miles traveled — even managing to reduce environmental impact.

Perhaps most important, by combining experienced transportation design, disciplined operations management and superior TMS technology, Landair is able to extract added value from your freight movements — even Guaranteed Value Acceleration in many customers’ transportation management contracts.

Making Logistics Technologies Work for Your Business

At Landair we’re well versed in applying the most advanced logistics technologies. But we also have logistics technologists on staff, capable of making the necessary integrations to take full advantage of your legacy information systems.

Because, truth is, there is no one logistics software that provides everything your supply chain needs. Most customer-3PL collaborations call for, first and foremost, a smart strategy. A strategy supported by the right combination of logistics technologies. All integrated in ways uniquely suited to achieving your vision.


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