Dedicated Contract Carriage

Dedicated Contract Carriage, also known as dedicated contract services, has been provided by Landair since 1981 Рmaking Landair one of the most experienced providers in the country.  For over thirty-four years, Landair has been providing award-winning dedicated contract carriage in a variety of industries.landair - logistics - dedicated contract carriage

Landair offers dedicated contract carriage that can: supplement an existing fleet, provide dedicated lane capacity in an existing distribution system, create a private fleet or outsourcing an existing private fleet. Whatever your need for dedicated contract services, Landair stands ready to help.

The Benefits of Dedicated Contract Carriage

Landair’s dedicated contract carriage offers your company many advantages and benefits which include:

  • Managing all driver issues such as recruiting, hiring and operations management
  • Liability and risk associated with managing your own fleet are assumed by Landair
  • The ability to focus on your core business competencies
  • Increase in logistics efficiency
  • Landair’s ability to provide back haul revenue to defray operating costs
  • Late model, fuel efficient Landair equipment lowers fleet operating costs
  • Landair takes care of all DOT and FMCSA regulations and compliance
  • Landair utilizes electronic log books for automatic data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Capital is freed up from depreciating fleet assets and can be redirected back into revenue generating activities
  • Landair’s advanced logistics technology provides optimal routing and load scheduling
  • Unexpected and costly repairs are eliminated
  • Landair is able to provide flex capacity by using assets from its over the road fleet

Award Winning Service

Landair has received numerous customer, safety and industry publication awards recognizing it as one of the top dedicated contract carriage providers in the United States:

  • Great West Platinum Award for Safety – 5 time winner
  • Fed Ex Gold Award – 4 time winner
  • USDOT FHA Partner in Highway Safety – 2 time winner
  • Lowe’s Gold Carrier Award
  • John Deere Outstanding Supplier Performance
  • BP Lubricants Driving Safety Award
  • “Transport Topics” – Top 25 Dedicated Carriers
  • “Logistics Management” – 3PL Quest for Quality

Fleet Assessment

Landair can work with you in a variety of ways to help you with your dedicated contract carriage challenges:

  • Review your current operations and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Identify opportunities to provide back hauls on your existing fleet
  • Bid on your next dedicated contract carriage opportunity
  • Develop options to support seasonal or additional capacity needs

Let Landair show you why it has earned the reputation as one of the best providers of dedicated contract carriage in the industry.


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