Optimized Transportation Management

Optimized transportation management can make your supply chain more efficient and improve your company’s profitability.landair - logistics- transportation management  As a supply chain leader, you must decide whether your current transportation management is optimized to the maximum extent possible with all excess cost taken out of your distribution system.

If you’ve already outsourced your transportation management, you need to continually assess whether your provider is providing the best mode and cost for each shipment.

If you determine that you need better transportation management, you’ll want a 3PL that blends strategic thinking, experience and technology to help you realize improved performance and added value.  You need Landair.

Landair Has The Experience

Landair takes into account the many complexities of freight transportation management — such as load planning, mode selection, optimization, and carrier selection — to engineer and implement a streamlined transportation management solution.

With more than 34 years’ experience in transportation, Landair knows how to use optimal modes and services to simultaneously meet your business needs and your customer requirements.

Advanced Technology For Optimization, Visibility and Control

Landair uses one of the industry’s most advanced transportation management systems (TMS), that can be customized to integrate with your current production or distribution systems.

We apply technology, along with documented processes, to deliver the benefits you want from an optimized transportation management system, including:

  • Dynamic optimization
  • Carrier and mode selection
  • Information visibility and exception management
  • Freight bill audit, payment and consolidated invoicing
  • Ongoing performance management, metrics reporting and analysis

The Solution You Need

Landair combines strategy, technology and operational excellence to manage your freight movements for efficiency and effectiveness. For our customers, this means increased customer service levels, data, analytics and back haul revenue-share opportunities.

Landair can turn an operations challenge into a strategic advantage for your business and we will put our Guaranteed Value Acceleration into your contract.



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