High Performance Supply Chains

Because Choosing a 3PL Provider Matters

For today’s supply chain managers, the stakes couldn’t be higher. That’s why choosing the right 3PL provider couldn’t be more important.

As a supply chain manager, you have a vision. Distribution centers flowing at peak accuracy and efficiency. Timely movements of inbound and outbound freight. Intricate choreography of the calendar, the clock, freight carriers and customer demands.

In your vision, it all comes together in a high-performing system, fueling your organization’s growth and financial performance by driving your ability to serve and satisfy customers.

But achieving your vision takes resources: expertise, technologies, insight, collaboration. And when you decide to seek those resources externally, you also need a 3PL you can trust with your business.

Expect Something More From Your 3PL

With thousands of 3PL providers wanting to serve you, who can you trust to be your 3PL partner?

  • To know your business and respond proactively to your needs.
  • To consistently deliver the day-in, day-out performance and communication you rely on.
  • To engineer strategies and apply technologies uniquely suited to your requirements.
  • To spend less time proclaiming their global size and scope, and more time demonstrating agility and ingenuity, at the heart of your U.S. supply chain.

During 30-plus years in business, Landair has listened carefully to what supply chain managers value. We’ve learned that performance — precise inventory management, on-time delivery — is just one critical factor in the most successful customer-3PL relationships.

Beyond performance, you look for something more. Something you can’t always specify in a request for proposal. But something you recognize and appreciate when — and if — you see it from a 3PL provider.

At Landair we call that special something service beyond performance.


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