Expect More Than Performance From Your 3PL

As crucial as on-time deliveries and accurate fulfillment are to your supply chain, they don’t necessarily separate one 3PL from another.

What makes a 3PL stand apart is whether they grasp your vision and can engineer a strategy to bring it to life. Whether they’re committed to creating value in your supply chain — and instilling trust and confidence in you. That’s what separates partners from providers.

When you collaborate with a 3PL, you allow them a privileged opportunity to improve your business-critical operations. When they do their job well and completely, they’ll reward your trust by proving themselves the sort of strategic partner you’ll value for the long haul.

Service Beyond Performance Sets Landair Apart

While other 3PLs want to win your business, Landair also wants to earn your trust. To collaborate with you on something truly remarkable: A supply chain that moves you forward — your business, your customer relationships, and your reputation as a supply chain leader and innovator.

We strive to become your 3PL partner for the long term by consistently providing service beyond performance in three key aspects of our relationship:

  • Communication: We stay in touch with you, consistently and with candor, regarding day-to-day operations, including any unexpected disruptions or delays. And we’ll come to you often with ideas for improvement.
  • Responsiveness: We mold our services and strategies to fit your vision and operations. When necessary, we recover and problem-solve proactively, whether the source of a problem is man-made or nature’s doing.
  • Added value: Our goal is to help you discover value, reduce costs and enhance customer service in significant, measureable ways. In fact, we seek opportunities for Guaranteed Value Acceleration in the logistics strategies we engineer and implement in collaboration with you.

When supply chain managers tell us we don’t act or sound like other 3PLs, we take it as validation for how we think, operate and work with our customers. Because at Landair our aim isn’t to be just another 3PL. It’s to be your 3PL.


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