Engineering Your Logistics Strategy

As a supply chain professional you make it your business to find new ways to improve operations and customer service. Sometimes achieving that next, higher level of performance takes expertise and design tools that aren’t available internally.

When you turn to a 3PL for support, you’re looking for close collaboration, not a cookie-cutter solution. Yet some 3PLs take a very rigid and laborious approach to analysis and design. An approach that seems driven more by their process requirements than by yours.Landair - your supply chain - engineering

If that experience has been frustrating for you, then you might prefer a 3PL that takes a more agile approach to supply chain consulting. A partner that drills to the core of your particular challenge or opportunity with you, then shifts promptly into strategy design, operations planning and implementation mode.

From Analysis to Action, We Focus on Your Business

Landair’s supply chain engineers combine analysis and action in the proportions today’s supply chain managers need. We start with laser focus on creating innovation and value at the heart of your U.S. supply chain. Then we drive toward logistics strategies that include:

Our engineers get hands-on to analyze your current operations and performance metrics, but stop well short of burying you in spreadsheets and questionnaires. Problem-solving experience helps them map value streams, identify process shortcomings and conduct scenario modeling — all the while keeping the data gathering and documentation required of you to a minimum.

Continuous Improvement and Accelerated Value

In close collaboration with you and your team, we’ll take your approved and highly individualized strategy from the drawing board to reality as quickly as possible. From that point on, it’s about measurement, analysis and refinement. Your new operating standards become continuous improvement and reporting…driven by rigorous process discipline…grounded in Lean Sigma principles and best practices.

At both the engineering and operations levels, your Landair contract logistics team works to knock out inefficiencies and discover added value. In fact, we’ll look for opportunities to build Guaranteed Value Acceleration into your strategy and contract.

Managing your supply chain can be challenging. Working with a 3PL provider to engineer and implement your logistics strategy shouldn’t be.


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