Mitigate Risk by Demanding Safety From Your 3PL Partners

Worker and workplace safety are subjects of intense focus and concern among today’s supply chain leaders and corporate risk managers. And nowhere is the safety spotlight — within your operations, among your logistics providers — shining more intensely than on freight transportation and warehouse operations.landair - your supply chain - safety

While the percentage of accidents involving heavy trucks remains just a fraction of total motor vehicle accidents, recent court rulings and vicarious liability laws have shippers concerned over potential risks posed by trucking accidents.

Meanwhile, FreightWatch International reports that incidents of cargo theft reached a record high in the United States in 2012, with more than 80 percent of those thefts involving full-truckload or container cargo.

As a supply chain manager or procurement professional, you need freight carriers and logistics partners who demonstrate both a track record and an unwavering commitment when it comes to safety. In short, you need 3PL partners you can trust.

Striving to Be Among the Safest 3PLs

At Landair we strive to rank among the industry’s safest transportation and logistics providers by ingraining safety in our culture. After all, if you absolutely rely on transportation safety, warehouse safety and cargo security within your supply chain, then it’s something we’re absolutely in business to deliver.

Landair’s commitment to your risk mitigation begins with screening and training our employees for safety awareness and performance. Our drivers must have at least one year of over-the-road experience to be considered. We thoroughly check each driver’s background, driving record, employment history and references.

Our commitment to safety continues with safety training and testing during new-hire orientation. It extends via companywide safety awareness messages, plus on-site driver and distribution center workshops, led by experienced and knowledgeable safety managers.

Our safety commitment grows because we apply the same process discipline to it that we bring to finding continuous improvement in your logistics operations. Identify and measure potential issues and opportunities. Get at root causes. Implement training, technology and process improvements.

Taking the Measure of Logistics Safety

Inside your distribution centers, on the loading docks, on the road delivering your freight, you’ll know that you’re being served by Landair employees who’ve been screened and are continuously trained and mentored for safety.

It’s why, over 30-plus years in business, Landair’s recordable injury record has been consistently low. How we’ve consistently maintained the U.S. Department of Transportation’s top ranking for carrier safety. And why you’ll find our Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores not only strong within our carrier peer group, but showing a pattern of continuous improvement since 2010, when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) scoring system began.


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