Striving for Environmental Sustainability

When considering a 3PL as your supply chain partner, you want to know if you share the same values. Not just the business value of supply chain efficiency for better ROI. But the human value of social responsibility for a better world.

If you value treating the earth’s environment and resources with respect and care, know that Landair is focused on being a thoughtful environmental steward, both in our operations and in the logistics services we provide for customers.

Reducing Fuel Consumption and Emissions

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, all types of transportation — consumers, agricultural, commercial — combined account for nearly half of the growth in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990. Landair is committed to doing our part to change that growth curve.landair - your supply chain - sustainability

Many factors play a role, from engine speed and idle mode to the volume and type of freight being transported. As a certified SmartWay® transportation partner since 2008, we work to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions by:

  • Applying advanced transportation software tools to drive route optimization, fuel conservation and engine efficiency.
  • Adjusting the speed governors on our trucks to a maximum 62 miles per hour, for greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Specifying, purchasing and operating a modern, fuel-efficient, aerodynamically advanced truck fleet, while also upgrading our forklift fleet to the newest, toughest emissions standards.
  • Training and monitoring our drivers to reduce the time their trucks spend idling, while also using cab heaters and idle-control technologies to ensure we meet government “smart idle” standards.
  • Recycling all waste oil and tires.
  • Employing electronic logs instead of paper to record driver activities.

Eliminating and Recycling Waste

Reducing fuel consumption and emissions isn’t the only way Landair works to minimize impact on the environment. We’ve also implemented recycling of paper, plastic, wooden pallets and cardboard at all the distribution centers we manage for customers.

Each month truckloads of plastic and paper at Landair-managed warehouses get diverted from the waste stream and recycled into productive re-use applications. We’ve also installed energy-efficient lighting fixtures at both our managed facilities and our headquarters.

With each new distribution management engagement, Landair engineers and operations managers work with you to understand your brand’s sustainability philosophy and policies. Then, integral to your logistics contract and strategy, we’ll implement the necessary management oversight, process flows and equipment to ensure the facility meets or exceeds your standards for everything from materials recycling to managing rainwater runoff.

If respect and care for the environment are concerns for your organization, know that it’s a value Landair shares with you.


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