Where Technology Makes a Difference

When you work with a 3PL to help manage your supply chain, you should expect that provider to be up to speed on logistics technology.

At the same time, you need a 3PL flexible enough to adapt to your needs, not one who rigidly insists on an all-or-nothing “solution,” dependent on costly, complex-to-integrate software.

With 30-plus years in transportation and logistics, Landair has a sense for where you need a 3PL partner to focus, yet also be flexible, in making technology work smarter for you — instead of you having a tough time with technology.

Engineering Your Logistics StrategyLogistics Technologies

You’re ready to partner with a 3PL to improve your supply chain. But you need a strategy soon, not one that requires months or even years of costly, time-consuming engineering analysis and systems integration.

Whether it’s for dedicated contract carriage, distribution center management or transportation management, the lion’s share of your logistics strategy from Landair springs from the insights of our engineers, not from a computer algorithm.

At the same time, they go to work armed with advanced analysis and design tools. They use these tools, along with experience and know-how, to quickly study distribution management workflows and conduct transportation network modeling.

The benefit to you is our ability to explore and validate alternative strategies efficiently on the drawing board, so the best one performs as expected in your supply chain.

Managing and Improving Operations

From optimizing loads and lanes to streamlining fulfillment, Landair routinely employs a suite of logistics management technologies to keep your operations running smoothly and performance metrics climbing. Those include:

Solving for Visibility, Safety and Sustainability

All the technology in the world isn’t worth much if you lack visibility into supply chain performance. From status updates via on-board Qualcomm units to our proprietary track-and-trace technologies, Landair integrates the right systems so you can track shipments online 24/7 and get the performance metrics and analysis you need.

We also make extensive use of technology tools, including driver e-logs and fuel optimization software, to ensure our drivers and equipment are meeting rigorous standards on everything from miles per gallon to hours of service.

In other words, we leverage technology to ensure that Landair is, and will remain, a safe, value-adding, cost-effective logistics partner you can rely on.


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